Chander Pahar

Chander Pahar its nice To see the world was his dream. To get close with the varied colours of civilization was his ambition. He went, he conquered and he is still living his dream maybe in some unknown land on the planet. Chander Pahar is Bibhutibhushan Bandyopadhyay’s Shankar. The small town boy, who always dreamt to be like John Cabot or David Livingstone.

Journey to the Moon Mountain or chander Pahar in Africa was the first of his triumph. Based on this story director kamaleshwar Mukherjee has weaved the story of his new film Chander Pahar.

The film begins with the glory of Africa and places us directly at the heart of adventure. The narrative is adapted within a flash forward and backward pattern, which at times takes us to the far stretches of Africa and at times makes us nostalgic by taking us to Shankar’s village. The carefree days when Shankar slowly began to build his dream bit by bit.

Shankar (Dev) lives a simple life in his small village in the deepest quarters of West Bengal. But he dreams large and believes that one day he will be travelling the world and discovering the facts that he has read all these years.

Finally it is a job as a stationmaster that takes him to Africa and brings him a step closer to his dreams. He begins his triumph with hunger for adventure and begins to slowly mould himself to face the tough path ahead. From lions to weird wild beasts to the wilderness of the erratic weather everything becomes a part of Shankar’s life with time. Chander Pahar is through these trying times that one day he rescues a Portuguese explorer Diego Alvarez and begins to nurse him. As destined this man and Shankar finally set out on to realise a weird dream of reaching the diamond caves in the mountain of the moon. An expedition of a lifetime awaits them and they are ready to face the adverse conditions too.